Why Your Loved Ones Are Better Off In Assisted Living

Of all the senior care options available in New Jersey, the best for most purposes tends to be assisted living. Unless your family physician strongly recommends the nursing home environment, consider assisted living as the optimal option. Assisted living provides access to medical care but also protects your loved one’s autonomy and dignity.

Let’s clear up some misconceptions about what assisted living is and is not. Assisted living is more akin to independent living than it is to a nursing home. Whereas a nursing home is a restrictive environment, assisted living communities offer a country club like environment replete with ample indoor and outdoor community areas, but also private apartments for your loved ones.

In an assisted living facility, you can access all sorts of ancillary support services without giving up independence. Meals are served in common areas, but that does not mean you cannot cook—it just means you do not have to cook if you do not want to.

Assisted living is every bit as safe and secure for your loved ones as a home. Like a gated community, an assisted living facility like Chelsea offers peace of mind for loved ones and caregivers. Like country clubs, assisted living communities will have pools, recreational facilities, and other amenities like game rooms and movie rooms.

Staying socially and physically active are two of the most important aspects of senior care. To prevent cognitive decline, depression, and other problems, assisted living communities offer healthy and fun stimulation throughout the day but in non-intrusive ways. If you have not yet considered assisted living as an option for your loved one, now is the time to research what the best senior care has to offer.

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