Winter Pests to Watch Out For

One of the main reasons that people may call companies like Laughlin’s Pest & Critter Control is that winter is right around the corner. Even though most people may think of pest control as something that is really only needed during the height of the summer heat, there are a number of winter pests that might try to take up residence in a home. Guarding against these pests means paying attention to the signs that they are nearby. The moment that any of these signs are noted, it is time to have a pest control company evaluate the home right away.

Some of the most obvious signs of pests within the home during the colder months include droppings from rodents like mice, holes in walls, holes in window screens, wires with visible chew marks, spider webs, and furniture that has tiny indentions from rodent’s teeth. With any of these signs, the rodents or other pests are already in the home so fast resolution is important to prevent the damage from becoming worse.

The places where pests may hide in the home may be more numerous than most people imagine. One of the prime areas for rodents to hide during the cold months of the year is usually the enclosed areas of the house. This includes the attic, the basement, and any crawl spaces. Any areas between the walls may have more than enough area for rodents to burrow into the insulation and try to make a home there.

Closets and pantries are also common areas for pests to hide during the winter. Keep an eye on any entry points as well. This could include even the smallest holes or crevices in the home or in the exterior materials of the home. A mouse can fit into an area that is only around the size of a quarter, or even the size of a dime if it is a small rodent. Many pests try to make a home behind appliances. Watch out for areas like the back of the refrigerator, the back of a free standing freezer, or the back of the hot water heater. If you need help from a local pest control expert, consider Laughlins Pest & Critter Control. You can Click Here to learn more about their services.

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