Working with home builders in Menlo Park

Long before the decision is made to home builders in Menlo Park, a couple will view many different properties and homes in hopes that they can spot something that they think will ideal for them and their specific family circumstances.

Generally speaking, the size of the home is dictated by budget. The home size is a statement of living area and this element is the most critical in setting the cost. The total living area is not necessarily the footprint of the house on the lot, and a two story home is generally less expensive to build because of such things as the roof area that has to be covered and the size of the foundation. When you begin to search for home builders in Menlo Park this element of the design is critical.
If the lot you have purchased is in an existing neighborhood your home design will no doubt be tempered by the styles of homes in the area. If your desire is not compatible with the surroundings your home builder may have to get a permit from the subdivision to build the home design that you desire.

The topography of your lot also has a great deal to do with the eventual floor plan. Any slopes that are on your land will affect what can and cannot be built. If your dream home is a two story or split level that has a walk out basement but appears to be a single story home from the street then your home builders in Menlo Park will need a lot that slopes down from front to back. If this is in your plans you need to determine if your garage will be at street level or will you enter a basement garage from the rear of the house.

The orientation of the house on the lot also has a lot to do with the design that the home builder can offer. If the panoramic views are out the back of the house then you will probably want the living room or family room facing the rear. If the view is not only out the back but it is the south side, do you want floor to ceiling panoramic windows which not only allow you to enjoy the view but allow for the warmth of the winter sun.

Once the exterior and general construction of the house has been established the interior layout comes next. Home builders in Menlo Park have many stock home designs that can easily be customized to suit your specific needs. If for example you have a hobby which requires a separate room with specific facilities, this can be designed in and accomplished.

CLAP Construction are home builders in Menlo Park that you can feel comfortable working with. CLAP has a dedicated team of architects and builders working together to design and build the home of your dreams.

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