Your Questions Answered About Child Tooth Care And Pediatric Dentists In Omaha, NE

Children are often frightened when visiting the dentist, but dental health is very important for every child. To make sure that your child has the proper dental care without being scared, schedule an appointment with experienced pediatric dentists in Omaha. These dentists specialize in children’s dentistry, and they know how to make a child feel comfortable during any type of dental procedure. The information below will answer your questions about dental health for children who visit a pediatric dentist.

Q.) How old should children be to have their first dental checkup with a pediatric dentist?

A.) Pediatric dentists recommend that children have their first dental exam as soon as they cut their first tooth. For most children, this is around the age of six months to one year old. At the very latest, children should see a dentist by the time they reach their first birthday.

Q.) At what age should parents start brushing their young children’s teeth?

A.) Parents should start cleaning their young children’s teeth as soon as their teeth start erupting. Until the child is three years of age, a parent should just use water and a toothbrush with soft bristles to clean the child’s teeth. When the child is three years old, a parent can begin placing a small amount of toothpaste on the child’s toothbrush before brushing.

Q.) How can a parent help to reduce tooth decay in their child’s teeth?

A.) Parents should make sure that their children brush and floss their teeth after every meal and after eating sweets. Small children should be supervised by their parents when brushing their teeth to make sure they’re getting their teeth clean. Parents should talk to a pediatric dentist about applying sealants to their child’s teeth. Experienced pediatric dentists in Omaha NE, often coat a child’s teeth with a protective sealant. This substance is applied to the grinding surface of the molars, and it keeps tooth decay from forming in the grooves of the teeth.

If you’re interested in taking your child to a pediatric dentist, visit the website at  to learn more about a dentist who specializes in children’s dentistry.

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