Your Smile Can Be Restored With Veneers in Waimanalo

Stains, damage, malformations and gaps can cause a person to feel self-conscious about their appearance. Unfortunately, a person’s lack of confidence in their appearance can affect their life in many ways. Thankfully, cosmetic dentists have treatment options that can restore a person’s smile. Veneers in Waimanalo can cover any type of damage that may be present. Veneers can totally transform the appearance of a person’s smile.

To find out if veneers will be beneficial for a person, they first should come in for an examination. The dentist will need to thoroughly examine the person’s teeth to make sure they are healthy enough for veneers. If the dentist makes the determination the patient is a good candidate, impressions and images will be taken of the patient’s teeth to ensure the dental lab will be able to create veneers that will properly fit on the patient’s teeth.

The dentist will need to prepare the teeth to ensure the veneers will be able to fit properly over the teeth. Each veneer is made especially for the person’s teeth so they will fit precisely. Some veneers can be applied without the dentist shaping the teeth, but the vast majority of veneers will require some of the teeth tissue to be removed so there is room for the veneer.

The placement of veneers can be used to cover all types of cosmetic concerns and close gaps between the teeth. To place them on the teeth, the dentist will use a special adhesive that can be immediately cured with a special light. It is crucial the veneers are properly adhered in place so they can stay in place and make the person’s smile beautiful for many years to come.

Most people can have their smile fully restored within two dental appointments. Those who are interested in Veneers in Waimanalo should contact their dentist right away to schedule a consultation appointment. With veneers, a person’s smile can be beautifully restored so they no longer have to hide their teeth because they are ashamed of their appearance. Call the dentist today and get started on the process so you can be proud of your smile.

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