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Over thirty-million Americans have diabetes and may suffer side-effects. Side-effects include poor circulation, kidney problems and vision loss. Unfortunately, poor circulation plays a role in the body’s failure to heal. This is why many diabetics are at risk of losing limbs and requiring prosthetics.

The Foot Is A Particularly Vulnerable Area

Diabetics are warned not to cut their own toenails and to protect the feet. Indeed, a minor cut can become a major problem for a diabetic. If the cut fails to heal, a deadly infection can set in. Patients with serious foot infections may have the leg amputated below the knee.

The amputation stops the spread of infection and saves the patient’s life. Most patients heal within a year and can be fitted for an artificial limb. Often, patients visit Capital Prosthetics and Orthotic Center Inc in Columbus OH.

It Is Easier Than Ever To Make A Prosthetic Leg

CAD/CAM software is used to make models and molds of limbs. The patient makes an appointment to visit Capital Prosthetics and Orthotic Center Inc in Columbus OH. Prosthetists measure each patient, so the artificial limb is custom-made. Each prosthetic leg includes a custom socket, inner portion or pylon, knee cuff and belts. The belts attach the device to the leg and a special sock cushions the area.

The Goal Is A Light-Weight Realistic Looking Limb

Plastic is the preferred material for the visible part of the leg. In addition, light metals like titanium and aluminum are used to form the pylon. Indeed, artificial limbs have come a long way since they were made of wood. In fact, some facilities make the pylon of carbon fiber so it is very lightweight.

Appearance Is Everything

Anyone who wears an artificial limb needs it to look realistic. To that end, pylons are covered with foam that matches the shape of the patient’s leg. Next, the foam is covered with a material that resembles skin. Lastly, this skin is painted to match the patient’s skin tone. Each patient must attend physical therapy to learn how to use the new limb. For more information, visit a Prosthetic Center and Click Here.

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