3 Benefits Provided by Bail Bond Agents

Although it is common to believe that criminals are the only people who end up in Atlanta jails, the fact is that anyone can get arrested. Something as simple as a first-time DUI can land a law-abiding citizen in jail. Fortunately, it is easy to find a Bail Bondsman in Atlanta who can help. Bond agents offer fast 24-hour service that can save their clients thousands of dollars. Their services also allow clients the freedom to prepare their defenses and hold on to their jobs.

Agents Provide Fast Service

A Bail Bondsman in Atlanta understands that their clients need help in a hurry, so they display their emergency contact information online, at sites like freeatlastbb.com. Website information includes a “click here” option that lets visitors locate the nearest bail bond office. In many cases agents are able to free their clients over the phone. They are very familiar with their local court systems and jails. Discrete bond agents can often get clients out of jail before anyone even knows they were arrested.

Bondsmen Save Clients a Lot of Money

Courts decide on the amount of bail that each defendant must come up with in order to be freed pending their court dates. Bail is often too expensive for the average person, so they call bail bond professionals who can get them freed for a percentage of the bail amount. Bond companies typically charge clients 10% of the bail in exchange for guaranteeing the courts that their clients will not skip required appearances. Bond also saves clients the daily costs of jail. Many people are surprised to find that inmates must pay for things like deodorant, underwear and any food beyond the small meals that jails provide.

Bail Bonds Allow Defendants to Protect Their Jobs

Because bond agents get their clients out of jail so quickly, many defendants are able to continue their jobs without missing a day. In fact, employers often never find out that they were arrested. Freed clients are able to earn the money for their legal defense and all other financial obligations.

Bail bond companies offer fast, 24-7 help to anyone who is arrested. Bond agents can get clients out of jail quickly, saving them time and money. Bail bonds also allow defendants to protect their employment since quick releases make it possible for them to miss little or no work.

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