3 Dazzling Bathroom Glass Replacement in Atlanta GA Ideas

Contemporary home designers are looking at one main principle- more with less. Budgets are tight, families are keeping their adult children longer than they expected, and the sluggish economy is barely getting off the ground. Interior decorators and homeowners are collaborating to make more with less, and that is having a direct impact on the bathroom. The bathroom is the hot ticket room for decorating and subsequently building equity. Below are three classy and rich ideas for a Glass Replacement in Atlanta GA in the bathroom.

Elongated Masking and Textures

This type of glass replacement relies on covering just enough, but not all. It is not necessarily a matter of privacy. It is a matter of looking beautiful and spacious. Basically, the texture of the Glass Replacement in Atlanta GA goes straight down in little ridges. This creates a downward effect that obscures the other side of the screen just enough. The vertical design creates dimension in the bathroom space. The fact that the other side is not completely obscured makes the bathroom look larger. Both effects play off each other to enhance the scale of the bathroom.

The Frameless Panel

Most clients for MG Glass Inc visit with the specific idea that a glass panel must reach the edge of the room. A popular option today is actually getting rid of the frame that encloses the glass edge to the wall. In other words, the glass panel is connected with a hook. A space of about an inch is left between the glass and the wall. It is the perfect complement to the idea of making more with less. Frames are removed, and that makes the bathroom space light up with a more spacious layout.

Tile Around

If the shower enclosure is large enough, it could benefit with an ambitious concept. A tile design is perfectly ambitious if enough room is allotted. The tile columns are added between the glass panel. For example, an entrance is set up front. Two side panels are added, and each of these three panels are divided by a tile design.

These Glass Replacement in Atlanta GA ideas are ambitious, but they are a pure spectacle. They also manage to add some much-needed visual space to the shower and bathroom that is often needed.

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