Steps to Follow When Filing Home Insurance Claims in Peachtree, GA

A home’s roofing system is vulnerable during the storms that nature throws at it. Since this is such a big ticket item to replace, the roof is one of those items covered under homeowner’s insurance. If damaged is spotted after a storm, the claim follows a process before it can be paid out. These are the steps to take when filing a claim on the roof system.

The first thing to do before filing the Home Insurance Claims in Peachtree GA, is to find a copy of the insurance policy. This will indicate what type of roof damage is covered. It will also provide information on who in the insurance company should be contacted to file a claim. After a really big storm, it may take some time to reach an insurance agent. Explore additional options of communication such as going online to find out the quickest way to contact someone in the insurance company.

Pictures can also be taken at this point to help establish the claim. This can be done while exploring the best way to reach the insurance company. These pictures should be as clear as possible. Take all photos a safe distance away from the damage. Do not try to climb on the roof to inspect it. This may result in injuries due to the precarious situation. Once an individual is reached make sure to inquire how the company wants to receive the photos taken.

After filling out the paperwork for the Home Insurance Claims in Peachtree GA, the next step is to contact a contractor for a roof inspection. Check with the insurance company if they have an approved list of contractors. The insurance company may require multiple quotes depending on what the policy states for the claim to go through. Any questions about the claim itself should be addressed directly to the insurance company.

The roof is an integral part of the home’s protection. If it is damaged, it will compromise the entire house. Following these steps will help ensure that there is nothing stopping the claim from going through. If you need an inspection and quote after a storm for the roof, check out or their BBB ratings.

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