Three Common Roofing Problems Fixed by a Qualified Roofing Contractor in Tucson

The roof is an integral component of any building establishment. It protects the properties and inhabitants of a building from harsh climatic conditions and other unwanted elements such as dust. If installed and maintained properly, a roof can enhance the aesthetic appeal and value of a building. Depending on factors such as roofing materials, climate, longevity and other aspects, a roof can be damaged and may need to be fixed. To ensure that a damaged roof is repaired correctly, it is important to hire the services of a proficient Roofing Contractor In Tucson. An experienced roofing contractor at Ralph Hays Roofing will fix not only the damaged component but also examine other parts of the roof for potential damages. Here are the top three roofing problems fixed by a qualified Roofing Contractor Tucson.

Damaged Roof Flashings

Flashings are used to seal roof penetrations, edges, drains, valleys, perimeters among other areas where the roof is damaged. Galvanized or aluminum flashings are the commonly used roof flashings. Over time, roof flashing can deteriorate due to weather and oxidation caused by leaks or exposure to extreme weather conditions. An experienced roofing contractor knows how to fix damaged roof flashings correctly and promptly.

Worn Out or Blocked Gutters

Gutters are designed to keep away water and protect the structural integrity of a building. Gutters are susceptible to accumulation of water and debris that can cause the growth of mold or mildew. When excess debris accumulates on gutters, it makes them sag and pull away from the facade. If this sagging is not corrected in the right time, gutters can deteriorate and leak. A proficient roof repair contractor can replace worn out gutters, and remove any materials that may have accumulated on them.

Broken Roof Shingles

Shingles can wear out or break due to extreme weather conditions, such as the wind, ice, scorching sun among others. In case of broken roof shingles, it is vital to hire a proficient roofer to examine the issue and make the necessary recommendations.

These are just some of common roofing problems that can be fixed by a qualified Roofing Contractor in Tucson. For additional details on the services provided by an experienced roofing contractor, and how to hire their services, please go to

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