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Many people depend on their garbage disposal and may be caught off guard when it stops working. If the garbage disposal isn’t very old, it may be possible to have it repaired. If it is an older model, the homeowner may want to consider purchasing a new one. Garbage Disposal Services in Scranton PA can help a person repair or replace the garbage disposal, depending on what the homeowner needs or wants.

Before the Technician Arrives

It’s important to be careful with what’s placed in the garbage disposal. Hard objects like bones should never be poured in it and care should be taken to avoid pouring any oils, paints or grease that could damage it. Cleaning the unit regularly with ice and baking soda can help keep the unit in top condition. If the unit does stop working, check the bottom for a red button. Pressing this may reset the garbage disposal and allow it to start working once again. If that doesn’t work, the person may want to call a technician.

Once the Technician Arrives

When the technician arrives they’ll take a look at the unit to determine what’s wrong and how old the unit is. If the garbage disposal is over ten years old or irreparably damaged, they’ll suggest having a new unit installed. If it’s newer and can be repaired, the technician should be able to repair it at that point. A new unit may offer a variety of benefits the older one didn’t have. Before or after the installation or repair, talk to the technician about what is allowed down the garbage disposal and how to clean it carefully to ensure it stays working. Paying attention to this information can extend the life of the unit and ensure it doesn’t stop working again a few months down the road.

Garbage Disposal Services in Scranton PA can be invaluable for a person whose garbage disposal has stopped working completely. Have the repair done or purchase a new unit installed and have it installed by a professional. Then, ask them about how to care for the garbage disposal properly. For more information or to contact an expert for services, visit artappliancerepair.com or their Facebook page today.

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