3 Facts to Consider Before Refinishing Hardwood Floors in Nassau County

Thanks to advances in the flooring industry, Nassau County homeowners can choose from dozens of beautiful materials. Despite that fact, many either install new hardwood floors or refinish original ones. Hardwood is a favorite because it is elegant, warm, durable and provides timeless charm. It stays beautiful for many years but needs refinishing to look its best. That is a job best left to experts like Anthony’s World of Floors, Inc. Professionals work more safely and efficiently than homeowners could. Experts will restore floors’ original beauty, which increases home values.

Buffing and Coating May Be the Best Solution

Hardwood flooring professionals can sometimes just buff and re-coat floors to restore them. Technicians typically add coatings to new wood as soon as it is installed. That protects the wood and keeps it looking beautiful for years. However, traffic and time will combine to wear down the surface. In these cases, floors can often be restored using an efficient process if the wood is not damaged. Instead of completely Refinishing Hardwood Floors Nassau County technicians just apply a new protective coating and buff it. The process is quicker than complete refinishing but is not ideal for all restoration.

Complete Refinishing Restores Original Beauty

Flooring that has suffered from decades of heavy use and has deep scratches or damage must be expertly restored. When Refinishing Hardwood Floors Nassau County technicians can transform the oldest, grittiest floors into new-looking, polished surfaces. They restore damaged areas and sand wood. That smooths surfaces and eliminates the chance of getting splinters or tripping on weakened boards. Newly refinished flooring is coated and polished, which restores the natural beauty.

Expert Refinishing Provides Guaranteed Results

Although some homeowners do attempt DIY hardwood refinishing, the job is neither safe nor easy for most people. It requires expensive equipment and the use of products that can be dangerous to breathe if rooms are not correctly ventilated. In contrast, experts use safety precautions, have years of experience and will choose the best stains for each wood. They ensure that products are correctly applied and guarantee high quality finished results.

Refinishing hardwood floors is a quick way to increase home value and beauty. Although buffing and re-coating can restore some floors, most need to be completely refinished. That is a job that should be done by experienced professionals who have the tools and training to return any hardwood to its original beauty. Browse site for more information.

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