3 Mistakes To Avoid When Comparing Industrial Valve Manufacturers

Choosing to work with a company for prototyping through to production of any type of valve is an important factor in the success of the product. This is true in any industry, but in situations where the valves are used in industrial applications, the quality control and the life cycle of the valve will be particularly critical considerations.

With the increased availability of valves and component from industrial valve manufacturers around the world, there are several important errors companies need to avoid when making a choice.

Selecting from industrial valve manufacturers based on the incorrect factors is more likely to cause reliability and control problems with the valves, and even risk the chance of valve failures.

Comparing Based on Price

Depending on the quality of materials, engineering services, and manufacturing methods, there can be significant differences in price per valve between various industrial valve manufacturers.

Simply looking at the price and ignoring the quality control, the selection of raw materials and other factors involved in the manufacturing process may save a few pennies per valve, but it can be very costly in the long run.

Failing to Consider the Full Scope of Services

When custom designed valves are required, taking a complete look at what the manufacturer can do in-house will be a critical consideration. The more the process of engineering, prototyping and producing the valve is done in-house, the greater the degree of quality control and precision with each valve produced.

Not Considering Future Production Requirements

Not all valve manufacturers are able to handle large volume production runs. While production may start out relatively low, as the market grows, it will be essential for the manufacturer to be able to quickly scale up to meet the growing needs of your company.

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