Finding Solutions in Vacuum Canister Design

Depending on your industry and your goals, it may be time to consider designing a vacuum canister for your system. This is an important step in creating a solution ideal for your system or machine’s operation. There are many options available. In some cases, it may be possible to choose a solution from a pre-made system. This type of off the shelf solution is available in only a handful of cases. In other cases, it may be important to invest in a custom designed solution made just for your application.

What You Should Know

There are various configurations of vacuum canister systems available. These often will have two HVE tubing ports on them. Most will also include a single SE tubing port. Again, it is possible to have custom solutions made for your business’s specific application or need. In configurations, many companies or developers will need options such as ABS Body and Lid systems. You may need a nylon bracket or a polyethylene screen. Most will also include a Buna-N seal. It is important to talk to a manufacturer about all of the options available. For those who do need a custom solution, work with the manufacturer as early in the process as possible. This can reduce the risk of complications across the board.

When you need a vacuum canister, there are many factors to keep in mind. Perhaps the most important is precision detailing. Choose a canister designed to meet any goals you have. But, do not worry about seeking out a custom solution. This is an option in nearly all cases. The key here is to work closely with a company specializing in these products. Discuss your needs, work to meet your specifications, and then reduce the risks by choosing a customized solution.

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