3 Must Have’s From A Chicago Wedding Caterer

Your wedding is a very important event in your life, some would say, the most important event, your Chicago wedding caterer is going to play a huge role in this very important event. When you are choosing the caterer for your wedding, do not settle. There are a few things that really bring an event together and a caterer is central to one of them. Every event that is successful has three elements, great food, a great space and music! If you can get those three things right everything else falls into place.

There are 3 MUST HAVE’S from your wedding caterer that you have to have, if you want your food experience at your wedding to go right:

  1. Flexibility
  2. Desire to please
  3. Talent


A talented catering team will be able to bring their A game to any menu choices but you have to have the choices. Look for a catering service that has an extensive list of menu options. You do not want your wedding to be an event that fades from memory because the food was just like the food that was at last weekend’s wedding. A flexible menu is a must to ensure that there is something that can satisfy a wide range of palettes.

Desire to Please

You want to choose the catering team that puts your happiness first. It is nice to have a little direction but not so much direction that it slowly changes from your event to theirs. It has to be all about the partnership.


All of the above cannot come together without the talent. Choose a talented team that has a great reputation for delivering amazing meals. Food For Thought can easily be one of the best choices you make for your wedding event because they bring all the “must haves” to the table.

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