A Family Dentist in Grand Island NE Provides Care for Patients With Parkinson’s Disease

An individual who has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease is likely to experience some challenges with oral hygiene. It’s a smart idea to make an appointment with a Family Dentist in Grand Island NE and discuss effective strategies for keeping the teeth and gums healthy. The dentist will want to be kept in the loop in regard to the patient’s symptoms and medication since those can have effects during professional teeth cleaning and any treatments that may be necessary.

For instance, if the person experiences some difficulty swallowing, it’s imperative that the hygienist and dentist know about this and can respond accordingly. If the medication causes chronic dry mouth, a dentist can prescribe mouth rinses that relieve this problem. Chronic mouth dryness can result in cavities, so it’s important to address the issue.

An electric toothbrush can be very advantageous for someone with this disorder, since it may be difficult to grip a toothbrush or maneuver it effectively. A Family Dentist in Grand Island NE can provide recommendations on the best devices. Oscillating brushes, similar to those used in the dental clinic, do an excellent job of keeping teeth clean. In addition, floss holders are available that allow people to floss their teeth without having to grip the string with two hands. Patients with Parkinson’s shouldn’t feel embarrassed about asking dentists for advice. They should remember that dentists have many other patients who deal with compromised hand strength and mobility. Individuals with arthritis, for instance, commonly must manage these problems while continuing to take care of their teeth and gums.

Parkinson’s patients learn what time of day their symptoms tend to be more extreme. For many, this is later in the day, so they may want to schedule their dental appointments first thing in the morning. With the agreement of their specialist, they may take one of their medications an hour or so before the appointment, so they at their best physical ability while at the clinic. A clinic such as Grand Island Dental Center is ready to help people dealing with Parkinson’s and other movement disorders. Contact us for more information.

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