3 Pieces of Collision Repair Equipment in Pittsburgh PA Needed to Start a Business

When you are beginning your own collision repair business, you will need several pieces of equipment before you can get started. You cannot do the work if you do not have the tools. Three pieces of collision repair equipment you will want to start with include car lifts, paint booths, and dent pullers.

Car lifts

There is a diverse collection of car lifts available. The deciding factors will be the amount of space you have available, the vehicles you will be working with, what job you will be completing, and your budget. You will need to determine which Collision Repair Equipment in Pittsburgh PA, you need for success, and a car lift should be one of the first. Many jobs will be that much easier if you have access to the full car.

Paint booths

With a paint booth, all of your paint jobs can be done quickly and efficiently. This will also make your life easier since you will not have to redo a paint job because dust or other particles got in it, ruining all of your hard work. At Don Parker Sales Inc of Pittsburgh PA, you can look into the needed paint booth as well as the necessary tools to get paint jobs done (i.e. paint guns).

Dent pullers

Along with surface scratches, dents are one of the most common problems fixed in an auto body shop. Collision Repair Equipment in Pittsburgh PA offers a selection of dent pulling equipment that can service dents of any size. If you do not have a dent puller handy, your business may suffer because you do not have the equipment necessary for the jobs that may come forward.

Starting your own business can be tough. You need to find the funds for the perfect location, the needed equipment, and employees. Plus, you have to attract customers to build a clientele. To start your auto body business off right, you will need the equipment listed here plus much more. If you need an idea of what type of equipment is needed, visit an established shop and see what they have and use regularly.

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