Breathe Easier With Your Air With Duct Cleaning In Fort Myers

Young children and older adults are more vulnerable to pollutants in the air. The inside air can be less healthy than you think. Dust, dust mites, mold spores, bacteria and animal dander can lie within the duct work of your air conditioning system. When your air conditioning starts, these allergens are then released into the air you breathe. You should have Duct Cleaning in Fort Myers each year to remove these allergens that create breathing problems inside of your home or business.

When this dust accumulates inside of your duct work, it also affects the operation of your air conditioning or heating unit. The cold air return pulls the allergens back into the working components of the unit and circulate through the air. Even a small millimeter of dirt on a coil can reduce the unit’s efficiency by 21%. If you or your loved one is elderly, asthmatic or have a lung disease including a cold or flu, these pollutants blowing out of your duct work will only make their condition worse.

Duct Cleaning in Fort Myers can reduce these allergens by professionally vacuuming out your dirt work. Trained personnel will get completely through your duct work, far beyond where your vacuum hose can reach. In addition to the health benefits of duct work cleaning, your air conditioning and heater will work much more efficiently. This means it will cost you less money to operate.

Another reason to have your duct work cleaned is during the cleaning, a professional will also clean your unit. They will be able to visibly see if there is rust or mold on the operating parts. Even if you change your filter a lot, the dust still accumulates inside of the duct work. Some particles are not visible because they’re microscopic.

Whether you’re young, middle-aged or elderly, breathing clean air should be a priority in your life. You can eliminate the spread of allergens and diseases by keeping the duct work clean in your home or office. Contact a professional like Eco Air Conditioning of Fort Myers for duct work cleaning in your home or office. You won’t be disappointed in feel better and breathing better.

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