3 Preparedness Products to Include in Your Stash

Whether you’re an experienced doomsday prepper, or you’re just interested in preparing for a variety of emergency situations, you’re already quite aware that there are several things you’ll need to stock up on if you want to survive. However, if you’re dealing with limited space, you may find that you need to prioritize what exactly you’re carrying with you. With so many items, it can be difficult to choose. Nevertheless, there are a few key preparedness products that any emergency stash should have.

Food and Water

Sustenance should be one of your top priorities when you’re preparing for a disaster, but not just any food will do. Select long-lasting, non-perishables that are nutritious enough to keep you moving forward like granola bars, jerky, canned meats, and crackers. Organize your food items into meals along with plastic bottles to save time and increase overall efficiency.

Fire Starters

While food and water take up the top slot of importance, fire starters run a close second when it comes to preparedness products. These can be life-saving in more than one way. When your initial supplies run out, you’ll need to hunt or gather more. Food must be cooked and water boiled in order to avoid sickness. While matches could suffice, fire starters are superior due to their ability to resist moisture and work with wet wood.


A reliable source of shelter is also one of the most important preparedness produces you could include on your list. Tents should be waterproof and easy to secure. You’ll also need to ensure that you have bedding together with your shelter. Water repellent tarps and blankets are advisable, and space blankets are a popular, smart option for retaining body heat.

While there are, of course, dozens of other items you’ll want to consider when it comes to your go bag, these three items should be covered no matter what. Food, warmth, and shelter should always be your first priorities when it comes to preparedness products if you’re looking to survive in any emergency situation. Browse the website  for more information.

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