3 Reasons Not to Skip That Oil Change

Your schedule’s packed to the gills and you’ve got a ton of deadlines not to mention errands to run. Cat food? Check. House cleaning? Check. Deadlines? Halfway there. With too many things on your mind, you might think it all right to skip an oil change until you get more wiggle room in your schedule. Here’s why you shouldn’t:

Most motor oils don’t last long

Motor fluid breaks down over time. If you want to make sure your car runs on clean engine oil, schedule regular oil change in a Beltline East of Preston TX repair and service shop you trust. Don’t go for just about any fly-by-night service center simply because they’re convenient. Go for quality service to make sure your motor oil lasts longer.

It could lead to dangerous consequences

If your engine oil hasn’t been replaced for longer than six months, that’s going to mean greater wear and tear on your car parts and engines. Poor lubrication can lead to irreversible damage as well. That’s the last thing you want to happen when you’re behind the wheel and out on the road.

You get sludge buildup

Another consequence of waiting too long in between oil changes is the inevitable buildup of sludge in your engine. That’s basically when old oil begins to solidify or gel because of the impurities in the fluid, says U.S. News. That means the oil won’t be able to flow into your car system, causing a host of engine problems in its wake.

What to do?

Prevention is always better than the cure. The next time you think about skipping that oil change in a Beltline East of Preston TX repair and service shop, you might want to rethink that stance. Make room for your schedule and head to the service center as soon as you can.

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