Reasons to Hire a Dedicated Truck Accident Law Attorney in Bowie, MD

Vehicle accidents happen every day, often with devastating consequences for one or both of the parties involved, but when auto accidents involve large commercial trucks, they can be even more serious. The increased potential for incurring grave injuries is just one of the reasons that it’s important to hire a dedicated Truck Accident Law Attorney in Bowie MD, though. Read on to find out more.

Determining Liability

Generally speaking, determining liability for ordinary auto accidents is fairly straightforward. Both parties and any witnesses to the event will be interviewed, the site and both vehicles will be examined, and liability will be determined. When a commercial truck is involved, things tend to get a bit more complicated.

Often multiple parties share the liability for any accident involving a semi-truck. The company that manufactured the vehicle, the company that owned the vehicle, and the driver him or herself may all be held partially responsible. More than one party may be determined to be liable for any accident that occurs involving a commercial truck.

Effective Negotiations

Most auto accident attorneys need only negotiate with the insurance company that provides coverage for the party determined to be at fault. However, since multiple parties are often held liable in the event of commercial truck accidents, multiple negotiations with different insurance companies are often required. This can quickly escalate complications for anyone who doesn’t have experience in the industry.

Industry-Specific Regulations

The FMCSA, or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, is the regulatory body responsible for ensuring safety within the trucking industry. Companies must comply with these regulations and ensure that their drivers meet specialized qualifications prior to driving any commercial vehicle. A Truck Accident Law Attorney in Bowie MD will be familiar with all of these regulations, and thus be in the best possible position to use them to his or her client’s advantage.

Best Course of Action

Any driver who has been injured or incurred substantial vehicular damage due to an accident with a commercial truck should hire an attorney who has experience with similar cases. The best time to hire an attorney is as soon as possible after the accident has occurred. Get free consultation regarding legal options today to get started.

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