3 Reasons You May be Experiencing Chronic Low Back Pain St. Louis

At first, the back pain reared its head only once in awhile, but now it has become an ongoing problem. You just do not know what can be causing it or even how to ease the pain. Before you consult a doctor, investigate all of the reasons why you may be experiencing chronic low back pain. That way, you can approach your issue with an informed mind.

A Poor Posture

One of the most common factors leading to Low Back Pain Treatment St Louis is the tendency to engage in poor posture. Poor posture leads to many aches and pains, including neck and lower back pain. Posture is a habit that is hard to be broken or fixed, but with the right frame of mind and some conscious decisions, you can start sitting and standing with better posture today. Try fixing your posture first before you resort to paying money for a doctor’s visit to see it it helps.

Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety do more than just affecting the brain and nervous system. Your worries also affect your back and thus can give you lower back pain. Try a few different methods to ease your anxiety and loosen muscle tension with a warm bath, a relaxing massage, or a peaceful weekend away from the rest of the world. Take the proper precautions when it comes to your mental health in order to help the rest of your body stay away from further side effects of stress and anxiety.

A Strained Muscle

You can have a strained muscle and not even know it, causing chronic Low Back Pain St Louis. An easy way to relieve a strained muscle is to stretch out your back and to relax it. The strain only gets worse the more you tense up and overwork your muscles. So, take a step back and evaluate your body to see if you have a strained muscle in your back causing all of your chronic pain.

Chronic low back pain can be overly annoying and irritating, especially if you see no end in sight to the pain. However, once you know the cause of your back pain, you can approach your problems with healthy and effective treatments to get your back into working order. Chronic back pain can be helped; you just have to be willing to fix the root of the problem. Contact Back And Neck Care Center to explore your options.

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