3 Reasons Your Company Needs Data Privacy Training

Data privacy training is not an option it is a “must have” in any business that deals with personal data information. The quickest way to soil your company’s reputation is to have a data breach or leak. Clients trust that your firm will be able to protect their privacy and when a data breach occurs it can send your company’s reputation into a tail spin.  There are 3 very clear reasons why you need to ensure that your employees are trained in data privacy.
1. Reduce liability
2. Maintain client trust
3. It’s the ethical thing to do

Reduce Liability
When a client provides personal data to your firm there is an unwritten agreement that the data will be kept safe. When that data is breached, depending on what it is used for, your firm could be faced with a liable suit for not securing the information, especially if the breach can be traced back to an employee’s negligence. Reducing the risk of negligence on the company’s part means ensuring that every employee is well trained in how to handle data and potential threats.

Maintaining the Trust
Public image is everything to your firm. Maintaining the trust of clients is very important to the corporate brand and to your future business. Properly trained employees help to further the trust.

It is The Ethical Thing to Do
Protecting data is just an ethical way to do business. Training employees on the importance of keeping data safe and avoiding risks is just the better way to do business and creates a company culture that is positive.

Interactive Services offers a large menu of compliance training that includes data privacy that your organization can greatly benefit from. You can create a custom menu of training that will reduce risk and improve the workflow.

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