Facts About Medical Colleges In America

In the United States, the term medical colleges are not as commonly used as in other countries. Instead, these academic programs and departments are usually called Schools of Medicine or Colleges of Medicine, and they operate within a University.

These universities, as well as their respective Schools of Medicine, are found in all states throughout America. Each university will have their own entrance criteria that will be provided on their School of Medicine application page.

There will be many of the medical colleges in the America that have the same type of application process. This will include a full copy of all student records from all prior coursework completed, and it will need to be validated by an approved International Credential Evaluation Service. All students will also need to have an eligibility certificate from the Medical Council of India (MCI) for the school they are considering.

Total Scope

Within the United States, there are 141 institutions that have been accredited to provide MD programs. The MD designation stands for Doctor of Medicine, which is the same as the MBBS offered in India and many other countries.

However, from those 141 different medical colleges, only 37 of the universities based in the United States are approved by the MCI. There are an additional 13 approved for the West Indies area, with Spartan Health Sciences University in St. Lucia as one of the top ranked schools.


With medical schools in America, as in other parts of the world, the MD/MBBS program is designed for 10+2 students and will be a five-year program of study. This will include the Bachelor of Science degree required to move into the medical program.

This program will include exposure to the major fields of medical practice including surgery, pediatrics, internal medicine, psychiatry as well as obstetrics and gynecology. Students will have mandatory courses to complete as well as 14 weeks of electives of the student’s choice. Visit site for more details on medical colleges.

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