3 Services Offered at a Cosmetic Dental Clinic in Westbury, NY

A cosmetic dental clinic in Westbury, NY offers numerous services for patients to enhance their smiles and feel more self-confident.

Three Types of Cosmetic Dental Services

Teeth Whitening

The most common service people ask for in cosmetic dentistry is teeth whitening. Multiple sessions usually are necessary. All these sessions can be done by a dentist or dental hygienist in the office, or the process can begin there and later be continued at home by the patient.

It’s good to start with a professional practitioner and receive a demonstration on how to use the product instead of attempting over-the-counter treatments without professional assistance.


In some cases, whitening doesn’t work because the discoloration is intrinsic to the teeth. People who ingested too much fluoride as children, for instance, may have discolored teeth that don’t respond well to whitening. Children who took tetracycline antibiotics as their teeth were still developing also may have discolored adult teeth that can’t be whitened.

Porcelain veneers that cover the teeth give the patient a bright, white smile. These devices have the added advantage of hiding misshapen teeth or those that are too short. They can cover small gaps between teeth as well. The resulting effect is a smile with straight teeth of a normal enamel color.

Removable Braces

At a Cosmetic Dental Clinic in Westbury, NY a patient also can acquire removable braces for teeth straightening. This device is effective for relatively minor issues that don’t require an orthodontic specialist and fixed braces. The patient may feel that a couple of crooked front teeth are a relatively minor problem, but it may detract from the person’s satisfaction with his or her appearance.

Removable braces should be worn nearly all the time, but they can be taken out before eating and going out to social events. The more hours they stay in the mouth each day, the faster the teeth straightening will occur.

How to Acquire Cosmetic Dental Services

A dentist such as Dr. Gerald Grossman has the expertise to provide all these cosmetic services in addition to offering regular professional teeth cleanings and oral checkups. You can Meet Dr. Grossman at the clinic’s website or find a phone number there to make contact.

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