Finding the Right Dentist in Redding

Now that the family dentist has decided to retire and close the practice, there is the need to find a new Dentist in Redding. The process will not be as hard as the patient may believe. Here are some basic steps that will make it easier to find the right dental professional and be able to keep on schedule with dental exams, cleanings, and other essentials.

Checking with the Insurance Provider

To begin the search for the right Dentist in Redding, start with the insurance company that provides the dental coverage. The goal is to find out which dentists in the area accept the insurance and will file claims on behalf of the patient. Along with making it easier to provide a co-pay at the time services are rendered, the insurance will cover more of the costs if the dentist is considered to be in the provider network. By choosing to select a dentist who accepts the dental coverage, the patient will end up with less out of pocket expense.

Who is Accepting New Patients?

While the insurance provider has up to date information on which dentists participate in the network, it is up to the patient to find out which of those dentists are accepting new patients. Spend a little time identifying dental offices that are close to home or work, and give them a call. If an office is not currently accepting new patients, mark them off the list. It will not take long to identify three or four professionals who could be right for the needs of the patient.

Checking Patient Feedback

Spend some time finding out what others have to say about those dentists who remain on the list. Ask friends, coworkers, and neighbors what they know about each one. Use online resources to find feedback from the past and current patients. Doing so allows the individual to find out a great deal about the professionalism of the staff, the quality of the work, and the range of services provided.

For anyone in need of a dentist, contact Moore and Pascarella Dental Group today. After that first appointment, there will never be the need to wonder about where to go for dental help again.

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