3 Terrific Reasons to Choose Terrazzo Floors

Great-looking floors make a difference. Whether you’re set on owning the perfect floor for your new home or looking to boost the look and feel of your rooms, terrazzo floors offer you a great option to do both.

One of the best advantages to owning terrazzo floors is the cost savings you get to enjoy. It’s tremendously durable so it lasts longer. You won’t have to worry about getting new floors any time soon so you can save up on replacement costs. It’s also incredibly tough so you won’t have to worry about expensive job repairs.

Low maintenance
Another great feature of terrazzo floors is that they’re quite easy to maintain. Unlike wooden floors that run the risk of warping when exposed to humid conditions or too much moisture, your terrazzo floors aren’t going to spring any air leaks any time soon. If you want floors that won’t require you to worry about leaks contributing to your home’s high-energy consumption and the resulting bills, opt for terrazzo floors.

Easy to clean
Terrazzo floor cleaning is easy. All you have to do to keep them looking good and new is to mop them up regularly. Just make sure to follow these tips:

  • Keep away from oil based cleaners. The same goes for stain removers with oil content. Oil irreversibly discolors terrazzo floors so you want to it away from your floors.
  • Use vinegar. If you see a film dry up on your floors after you’ve washed it with a cleaning residue, no worries. All you need to do to get rid of that is to mop it again. Use water mixed in with vinegar for a great shine, says How Stuff Works.
  • Get rugs. For areas with heavy foot traffic, get rugs to keep scuffing and scratches on your floor to a minimum.

You can improve your flooring choices. Opt for terrazzo floors the first chance you get!

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