Types Of Office Coffee Supplies Every Chicago Business Needs

Almost every office building in Chicago has some form of coffee supplies and gives away this beverage to their employees. It seems to be a right of every employee to have delicious java, steaming hot so they can stay focused and do their jobs. In most cases, the company supplies it at no charge, though they may have communal pots or bring-your-own times. They may also take a collection, since buying all the beans or grounds can become expensive.

Full Automation vs. Manual

The first thing you must consider when choosing a brewer is whether you want it to be fully automated or completely manual or somewhere in between. Full automation gives you the option of setting it and forgetting it. For most companies, this option works well because it always produces the same flavor and strength of beverage and doesn’t require a lot of work on the employee’s part.

However, manual options, where you add the filter, grounds and turn it on, will allow more control for the person brewing. They can add more grounds to make it stronger. Budgets may come into play here when determining what you should get.


For those who have extremely high-end tastes, such as espresso or lattes, you may want to consider a machine that makes them with little or no help from you. For the tea drinkers in your company, you may want to have a separate brewer or may choose to use the single-cup machines that allow you to make each cup differently.


You’ll also need many accessories. Office coffee supplies for Chicago businesses don’t stop with the coffees and the brewer you choose. You must also consider coffee pots, filters, types of water, types of coffees, stirrers, creamer, sweeteners and the like. It makes no sense to have delicious beverages for your employees to drink, but nothing to add or nothing to stir with.

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