3 Things to Consider When Choosing Between Steel or PVC Conveyor Rollers

As innovation continues in the conveyor roller industry, you have more options than ever for your conveyance needs. Whether you need a conveyor system for a manufacturing assembly line, food handling stations, or anything in between, the material you choose for your rollers will be critical for an efficient and long-lasting conveyor system. While PVC rollers are often the most cost-effective option, other factors are worth considering in addition to your budgetary bottom line. Here are three considerations you should make when choosing between steel or PVC conveyor rollers.

1. Decide your sanitation needs

If you need a conveyor system for handling foodstuffs, hazardous substances, or other materials that require a washdown environment, you will be sanitizing your conveyor rollers on a regular basis. A steel conveyor roller allows for easy and efficient sanitization, and its durability ensures that it will last despite the potentially corrosive nature of your materials. If your worksite does not require you to sanitize your rollers as often, PVC could be the more appropriate material.

2. Calculate your product’s load volume

Your conveyor rollers are under different levels of strain depending on the volume of materials you transport. Do you need light-duty, medium-duty, or heavy-duty rollers? While light-duty conveyor rollers can be made of PVC or steel, the strength of steel conveyor rollers makes them the industry standard for medium- and heavy-duty materials.

3. Evaluate your environment

The versatility of PVC makes these rollers an appropriate choice for a variety of environments. If you need to transport materials outdoors, PVC rollers will resist humidity and other environmental factors better than steel. PVC conveyor rollers will also hold up against the dust and debris of a factory floor.

Conventional wisdom may lead you in an obvious direction for your conveyor roller material, but this is a selection you should make with care. Choosing the correct roller material for your specific needs will ensure that your conveyor system serves your company with maximum efficiency, minimum deterioration and lower costs over time.

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