The Importance of Beads in Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras – the very name conjures up images of celebration and joy, floats on parade and happy people. Inextricably linked with all of those concepts are beads. They’re thrown from floats and balconies. They’re worn with pride by young and old alike. They’re an integral part of the experience itself. But why are Mardi Gras beads so important? And given that importance, how can you ensure that you have the right beads in the right quantity?

Why They Matter

First, let’s address the question of why Mardi Gras beads are important in the first place. Actually, their use dates back to almost the very beginning of the New Orleans’ Mardi Gras experience. By the late 1800s, cheap glass bead necklaces were being thrown by the krewes to the crowds, and they were immediately popular with locals and tourists alike.

Today, Mardi Gras beads have evolved into more than mere trinkets. They’re incentives to have fun. They’re also rewards for getting into the spirit of the celebration. Parade goers strive to outdo one another in order to receive strings of Mardi Gras beads, along with other items, such as coconuts.

Finding the Right Mardi Gras Beads

The importance of these accessories to the celebration means that finding the right beads, in the right quantities, for the right price is crucial. There is immense demand for strings of beads by parade goers, and it is important for parade float krewes to have ample beads to throw into the crowd or to reward those who are able to get into the spirit of things.

While you can buy beads from some traditional wholesalers, you’ll find that the process is rather slow. This is particularly true if you’re ordering out of an old-style paper catalog. The better option is to buy beads online with a trusted retailer. This ensures that you’re able to find many benefits, including the following:

  • Better Selection: When you buy beads online with the right retailer, you’ll find an incredibly wide selection of bead colors, color combinations and more.
  • Unique Sizes: Don’t limit your krewes to one size beaded necklaces. When you buy beads online with the right company, you can find small, medium, large and even extra-large beads.
  • Lower Costs: Finally, the choice to buy beads online means that you’re able to benefit from lower costs, ensuring that you get higher-quality beads in greater quantities while spending less.

As you can see, buying beads online is a vital consideration if you want to ensure that your krewes are able to celebrate Mardi Gras correctly.

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