3 Things Your Dentist In West Loop Wants You To Know About Wisdom Tooth Extraction

For many people, the thought of a wisdom tooth extraction can be terrifying. When pressed, however, most people cannot clearly identify what about the procedure they find to be worrisome. Huge strides and achievements have been made in the dental field, especially in the last fifteen or so years. These advances have dramatically changed how dental procedures are performed, and have allowed most clinics to provide anxiety-free care to all their patients. Here are three things your dentist in West Loop wants you to know about wisdom tooth extraction.

#1: Schedule Your Surgery Carefully

Unless it is an emergency situation, you likely have some flexibility about the timing of the surgery. Most dentists recommend having this type of operation when you are under as little stress as possible. For students, the most stress-free time of year is likely at the beginning of the summer. For working professionals, it may be at the beginning of a vacation period or extended holiday. Scheduling your surgery for a time in your life where there are minimal stressors can help you recover much faster, and with minimal disruption to your life.

#2: Avoid Lengthy Waits

While having the flexibility to arrange your surgery for an ideal time of year is ideal, avoid the temptation to put it off for too long. The longer you wait, the harder the surgery becomes. In some cases, your wisdom teeth can get impacted, making extraction more difficult and more painful. If your dentist recommends having this surgery as soon as possible, do not delay. If you have some flexibility, try to stick to a “sooner rather than later” policy, to avoid complications or lengthy surgical times.

#3: Ask Lots Of Questions

Do not ever be afraid to ask questions about this type of procedure. There are numerous myths and misconceptions about wisdom tooth extraction in the area, making it hard to be sure that the information you have is correct. Asking many questions is the best way to know for sure.

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