3 Tips for Choosing a Charity

Charities offer a number of benefits to communities. And they need regular donations to carry the services they provide to the community. However, not all charities are alike. Before you give your donations, make sure you’re dealing with a reputable charity. Here’s what you need to know to help you decide:

1. Ask about the kind of work the charity is involved in and where it’s done. It’s easy enough to verify if they’re telling the truth or not.
2. Look up the charity’s full name as well as address. How long has the charity been operational? If it’s a new charity, make sure you aren’t getting scammed. Check the Board. Ask around. This will help you figure out if you’re dealing with a trustworthy organization or not.
3. Get help. The best way to ensure you know what you’re getting into is to hire a charitable giving attorney in Arlington Heights. With a lawyer by your side, you’ll have an easy time at finding the right organizations to send donations to. Hiring a lawyer also helps you with the following:

  • Learn how to itemize your tax return. This way, you could take advantage of deductions, says Forbes. If you want your charitable donations to have a significant effect on your tax return, you’ve got to start itemizing.
  • Keep better records. Make sure you keep track of all your receipts. This will help you itemize your deductions. Make sure the receipts show the name of the receiving organization as well as the date the contribution was made. Don’t forget to put in the amount sent.
  • Learn what’s tax-deductible. Your lawyer will help you figure out which charitable giving deductions you qualify for.

So get help to ensure a better and more efficient way to take care of your finances and donations. For assistance, contact Orlowsky & Wilson, Ltd..

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