4 Purposes for Recycling and Reuse of Old Dunlop Tires in St. George UT

When a commercial enterprise needs to buy new dunlop tires in St. George UT, the owner may be concerned about getting the old tires recycled. A facility such as CMC Tires takes the guesswork out of the process, since it is dedicated to working with recycling outlets to put old tires to good use once again. What purposes are found for used and recycled tires?

Playground Surfaces and Equipment

Old tires can be used for playground equipment that kids have fun climbing on and through. Like football players, they can practice running through a row of tires and improving their coordination. Some playgrounds have areas of rubber mulch made from these used products, providing a softer surface than asphalt or concrete. The rubber mulch doesn’t attract bugs and critters the way that wood chips often do.

Building Materials

Environmental activists have focused on used tires as building materials for decades. The most fundamental design involves incorporating the full tire into the structure of the building. Rubber bricks and logs made from recycled tires also offer suitable building materials. The rubber creates thick, dense walls that are very energy efficient. The homeowner has cost-effective construction materials and knows those tires aren’t going to waste.

Erosion Prevention

Mats made from recycled tires are effective at preventing soil erosion in settings both large and small. Construction contractors can set them up as plant growth is cleared away and the land becomes vulnerable to erosion. They can be built into retaining walls on slopes. Used tires and mats can be stacked in places where shoreline erosion is becoming a problem.

Alternative Fuel

When buying new Dunlop Tires in St. George UT, the customer might like to know that old tires are often converted to fuel. This is one of the largest uses for scrap tires. In fact, nearly half of tires that don’t wind up in landfills are converted to fuel, usually after being shredded. They can be combined with materials such as coal and wood and used in power plants. Tires generate a great deal of heat when burned, and with effective pollution controls, there is no worry about emissions going out into the air.

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