4 Secrets to Shopping for Weightlifting Shoes

Weightlifting can give you several health benefits: better muscle tone, healthier body, better resistance. However, one of your must-haves should be your weightlifting shoes. If you’ve been going through those sessions with your sneaks, you’ll discover how much further you can go with the right kicks.

Go for entry level options

There are plenty of these on the market so shopping around for an awesome choice isn’t going to be hard. Look for high-quality brands. The last thing you want is a pair that breaks down on you because of its cheap materials and poor stitching.

Look for reviews

Online reviews can give you a solid foundation to go with. You have a better idea which models and brands to go for and which ones to stay away from. If you consistently run into positive reviews for a certain shoe model or brand, then that’s a good choice to consider.

Mind the fit

After making sure it’s a quality buy, consider the fit. If you’re buying online, read up on the shoe’s specs and information as much as you can. Some shoe brands are designed with a slightly narrow width. If you have wide feet, you might need to check the measurements of the shoe thoroughly before you whip out your plastic.

Consider the weight

Weightlifting shoes give you better stability during your exercises, says Breaking Muscle. The raised heel gives you that extra boost you need to raise those weights. It also improves your position. However, be sure to pick one with the best lightweight material out there. If the shoes are too heavy, that could derail instead of improve your performance. With options that now use lightweight polymer instead of the traditional wooden heel, you’ll be much more comfortable during your sessions and still get to improve on your squat depth, among other things.

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