4 Things Nursing Homes Offer That Home Healthcare Agencies Don’t

It can be a distressing task to determine where and who will care for your elderly loved ones for the rest of their lives. Though they often receive a bad rap, Nursing Homes may be the better choice in the long run, as opposed to home healthcare. Here are a few reasons to consider.

Around-the-Clock Care
Generally, home healthcare specialists are not with the patient constantly, so if he or she were to fall, or need help with daily activities, this would not be a feasible choice. In a nursing home, on the other hand, there are staff present 24/7 in case a resident needs assistance. There is less worry of the elderly resident falling and hurting themselves with no one there, and not being found until the home health specialist’s next shift. With nursing homes, you have long-term care where someone is always available.

Socializing with Others
It is true that remaining in one’s own home may be more comfortable. However, it may get lonely and depressing for the elder person, particularly if the only visitor they get is the home healthcare specialist. In nursing homes, the resident has staff to check on them every day, as well as other residents with whom they can interact. This, in turn, can serve to lift the resident’s spirits.

Constant Medical Care
There are medical professionals available in Nursing Homes should the resident fall ill, or have an illness that needs special attention. Unlike with home healthcare, where the resident would have to be rushed to the hospital, there is medical care available in the same facility.

Guaranteed Safe and Quality Assistance
If you are concerned about the quality of life your loved one would receive in a nursing home, you can check online for evaluations of the performance of each facility. These facilities are held accountable for what goes on within them, and if there have been any questionable activities at a particular nursing home, they will appear on its record. This a way to possibly assure yourself that your loved one will be treated well wherever they go.

It is certainly hard to give up the care of your loved one to strangers, where they are away from home and away from you. However, a nursing home would be your best bet if you must make the choice. Begin your search with Magnolia Springs Senior Living.

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