How Fax Over Internet Can Streamline Your Office Technology

In many offices across the United States you will find at least one fax machine. The fax machine has been a staple in offices across the country for many years and yet there have been few improvements to the technology since it was invented and adopted as the best way to send a document quickly over a long distance. Fortunately for companies and employees everywhere sending a fax over the internet will make office life much easier.

A user can send and receive a fax from a computer to another computer, fax gateway, or T.38 fax machine using Fax over Internet Services

Fax over the internet works by uploading an image of a document to your computer. The image can then be sent using an online fax service to another computer or even a fax machine anywhere in the world. Online fax services allow faxes to be sent from a computer using the Web interface available on the supplier’s Web site. This technology has many advantages:

Eliminate phone lines and fax machines. With a computer internet connection there is no need to have a separate fax machine connected to a phone line. If you don’t need a phone line, why keep the fax machine? Eliminate those extra costs for equipment, maintenance and supplies. Since faxing over the internet is web based, there is no software application to install or setup.

Streamline work flow. You can send and receive faxes with a few mouse clicks directly from your computer. No more transmitting documents  multiple times because the fax transfer failed. And you can eliminate those trips to the fax machine while you focus on your important tasks.

Send and receive multiple faxes. A computer is not limited by a physical interface. You can send multiple faxes over the same internet connection to multiple destinations simultaneously. And you don’t need to leave the computer running since faxes can be received even when the computer is turned off.

Fax anywhere with confidentiality. All you need is a computer connected to the internet to send and receive faxes. You can use a mobile device or desktop computer to access an internet fax service anywhere in the world.  For increased security, faxes are sent to private email rather than left sitting in a tray for anyone to peruse.

Fax over internet offers companies significant time and cost savings while improving efficiency and simplifying employee work flow. Companies save money on equipment and materials while requiring fewer phone lines and eliminating fax machines. Employees can be more efficient with the increased reliability and simplicity of fax over internet communications.


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