Three Types of Automatic Doors in Fife for Improving Security

Recent advancements in technology are enabling home and business owners to maximise security, from fitting CCTV cameras to investing in access control services. Another way in which you can improve security is by hiring a professional for the installation of automatic doors in Fife. Internal and external applications can be fitted with this type of door, which is ideal for use as an escape route for evacuation. Designed for hotels, offices, hospitals, shop fronts and leisure facilities, automatic doors are a smooth and reliable choice for single doors and double leaf doors.

Automatic Swinging Doors

Suitable for properties with one way traffic, automatic swinging doors in Fife are available in double, pair and single styles. An overhead unit will likely be fitted to the top of the door, and this is where the power is sourced for the swinging mechanism. If you want to save money with swinging doors, choose a low energy option. These doors can be operated manually or with a push plate. Low energy doors are also manufactured in double, pair and single styles. With light lubrication and cleaning, swinging doors can last for 10-20 years without any problems.

Automatic Sliding Doors

Businesses that welcome floods of people on a daily basis, such as hotels, shops and airports, will get automatic swinging doors installed. These doors are a top choice because they can handle two flows of traffic well. Easy, quick and cheap to fit, they are available in three designs – telescopic sliding doors, bi-parting doors and single sliding doors. Offering easy access for disabled individuals, they are aesthetically pleasing and can be purchased in different colours and materials.

Automatic Folding Doors

Should space be a main consideration, automatic folding doors will be a worthwhile investment. People walking through these doors can enter and exit at the same time, so there is no delay in traffic flow. Energy efficient, folding doors have tight seals and prevent drafts. They can be fitted with 2-4 wings and their energy efficiency means that building heating and cooling costs can be lowered greatly once installation is complete. Silent in operation, the door will add a sense of luxury to any building and will create the appearance of a larger space, thanks to natural light pouring through the glass.

All of these automatic doors in Fife can be installed, maintained and repaired by the team at Alpha Doors & Shutters Ltd.


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