Get 24 Hour Legal Advice in Glasgow When Dealing with Drug Offences

Possessing or supplying drugs is against the law in the UK and should an individual be caught committing these offences, he or she will need to attend court, before dealing with the repercussions. If you’re currently in a sticky situation and require 24 hour legal advice in Glasgow, it is a good idea to learn about the laws surrounding drugs before contacting an experienced solicitor. The more you know about drug offences, intent to supply and the maximum sentences for drug possession, the less confused you will be during the court proceedings.

Types of Drugs

A wide range of drugs are accessible from drug dealers around the United Kingdom, many of whom keep their identity very well hidden. The type of drug being dealt will carry a different consequence for the dealer and if you have been arrested or charged, you might want to gain some knowledge about the types with 24 hour legal advice in Glasgow. Cocaine, cannabis, ecstasy, ketamine and steroids are just a few examples of the most widely distributed drugs in today’s day and age.

Drug Penalties in the UK

The financial penalty or jail term a person gets when being caught in possession of, dealing, smuggling or trafficking drugs will depend on what category the drug falls into. Class A drugs such as heroin and crack cocaine get up to seven years imprisonment, Class B drugs like amphetamine, codeine and cannabis up to five years imprisonment, and Class C drugs like valium and tranquilisers up to two years imprisonment. Drugs that have not yet been classified will be banned for one year by the government with a temporary banning order.

Smuggling and Trafficking

Lots of people think that smuggling and trafficking are the same things, however they are quite different. The exploitation of individuals for labour purposes would be labelled as trafficking, whereas circumstances involving migrants entering foreign countries with concealed drugs would be described as smuggling. Although both carry serious punishments and jail terms, the sentences can differ. With that being said, the jail term will usually be no less than 20 years imprisonment. In some cases, the person who commits the crime may also face a financial penalty, which can go up to thousands unless the individual hires representation to fight their case.

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