4 Tips for Saving on Auto Insurance in Clear Lake IA After Graduating From College

When finishing college on a tight budget, one probably needs some breathing room, and saving on Auto Insurance in Clear Lake IA is one way to make room without resigning oneself to a daily diet of bread, water and ramen. With careful shopping and the tips below, a graduate can have more money for other financial goals.

Compare Prices

When shopping for budget-friendly auto insurance, it makes sense to get quotes from several companies. Getting quotes only takes a few minutes, and the savings can be substantial. According to a recent nationwide insurance quote analysis, drivers can save almost $900 per year by comparing rates among companies. Before shopping, though, one should decide how much coverage they need and what type of deductible they can afford to pay.

Ask for Discounts

Once one chooses a company, they should look for all possible discounts; amounts and types vary by carrier. Below are some of the most common discounts on Auto Insurance in Clear Lake IA.

*  Multipolicy: Most auto insurance companies offer discounts for purchasing more than one type of coverage.

*  Vehicle safety features: Some features, such as ABS, stability control, and airbags, can help drivers get discounts on coverage.

*  Paperless: Some companies offer discounts for signing up online and for choosing the electronic statement delivery option.

*  Paid in full: Drivers can pay less if they pay for six months or a year of coverage at a time.

As important as they are, discounts aren’t the only factor to consider. Companies that offer big discounts may have a higher starting price, which means that costs will still be higher than with a lower-priced company.

Consider Usage-Based Coverage

Usage-based coverage programs base prices partly on how one drives. These programs use plug-ins or phone apps to track driving behaviors and mileage. Drivers can save by avoiding risky habits such as nighttime driving and sudden stops.

Manage Credit Carefully

Most insurers consider a driver’s credit when determining the rate they pay. Some areas disallow the practice, but in other places, better credit brings lower prices. By managing credit well and by paying bills on time, one can minimize the effect their credit has on their auto insurance rate through Mason City All Risk Inc.

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