Why Dog Grooming is Important for Your Dog’s Health – Dog Grooming in Odenton

The majority of dog owners have their pets groomed to keep them from shedding on the furniture and to keep their pets from developing odors. They do not realize that dog grooming provides so many other benefits for their pet as well as their family. Gambrills Veterinary Hospital has shared the following information about the importance of dog grooming.

Reasons to Have Your Dog Groomed

A dog’s skin and fur require special attention to prevent matting and health problems. Dirt and oil build up on their skin and can cause painful, serious skin infections. If their fur becomes matted, the hair can pull the skin, which is extremely uncomfortable. Just like humans, pets require regular bathing and brushing. Some dogs need their hair cut on a regular basis to prevent skin conditions common to their breeds. If pet owners have any questions about how often their dog should see a professional groomer, they can talk to their veterinarian. Every breed has its own unique grooming needs, so owners of multiple dogs may have to set up a different grooming schedule for each dog.

A Groomer Does More Than Wash Dogs

Since veterinarians only see a dog for well checks and sick visits, they do not have the opportunity to look a dog over regularly. If a dog has a skin rash, skin infection, dental problem, ear mites, or other common health problem, a groomer will be able to catch it sooner than a veterinarian.

If a groomer does notice a health problem with a dog, the owner can schedule an appointment to have their dog treated before the problem becomes severe. Dog grroming in Odenton, is important for reasons other than just cleaning your dog’s coat.

A groomer does not just wash and cut a dog’s hair. They can also trim their nails to prevent painful overgrowth. By keeping a dog’s nails short, they will be more comfortable, their floors will be protected from scratches, furniture will not be snagged as easily, and children will not be harmed by sharp spots on the dog’s nails created by home trimmings.

Most veterinarians offer dog grooming in Odenton. By utilizing this service, any problem a dog may have can immediately be addressed by their veterinarian rather than waiting for an appointment. Your dog requires a lot of love and care. Make sure their needs are met by someone who is qualified and has earned your trust.


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