Your Dog Will Thank You After a Dog Grooming Service in Millersville

by | Mar 9, 2016 | Veterinary

Grooming a dog is necessary for a healthy coat, identifying skin issues, and reducing parasites. Routine grooming provides an opportunity to check for cuts, abrasions, hot spots, or bald spots. It helps increase the bond between the owner and their dog. As a convenience, owners may request dog grooming services at veterinary offices like Gambrills Veterinary.

The type of grooming, frequency and tools needed, depend on the breed of dog and whether or not that dog is being shown in the conformation ring. Below are some of the aspects of dog grooming.

  • Bathing :- Opinions vary on how often a dog needs to be bathed -; from only when necessary to once a week for conformation dogs. The easiest way to bathe a dog is in a raised tub using a hand-held hose with a spray attachment. A gentle shampoo formulated for dogs and a thorough brushing before is recommended.
  • Hair Removal :- This encompasses trimming, clipping, and cutting. The breed of dog and the discipline (show, work, field, or pet) it partakes in, determines the cut. A Poodle is an example of a breed with a vast variety of cuts, including puppy clip, continental cut, sport cut, and bikini cut, among the most popular performed by a Dog Grooming Service in Millersville.
  • Stripping :-; Many non-shedding breeds of dogs have coats that require hand-stripping to remove the dead hair. This process is done using the fingers or a stripping knife. Breeds with wiry, hard coats have a hair growth cycle that sheds when the hair has reached full length. Breeds commonly stripped include many terriers, spaniels, Bouvier des Flanders, Affenpinscher, and Wire Haired Dachshund. When done correctly it is painless, and many dogs actually enjoy it.
  • Nail Trimming :- This is often the bane of many a dog owner. However, if introduced to the dog at a young age, most dogs do not have a problem with having their nails trimmed. Tools used include guillotine or scissor clippers. Electric filing using a hand-held rotary tool such as a Dremel, are being increasingly favored by dog owners and groomers alike.

A dog grooming service in Millersville is perfect for those that either don’t know how to groom their dog, do not have the time, or are not physically able to. Depending on the breed, a proper grooming session can take hours, and is physically demanding. The benefits are a beautiful dog and a happy owner.


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