Several Health Benefits of Regular Dog Grooming in Crofton

Just about all pet owners want what is best for their animals. For dogs, that means providing high-quality food, ensuring that they get plenty of exercise and play, and taking them in periodically for professional dog grooming in Crofton. The advantages of grooming go beyond the superficial benefits of having a dog that smells nice and looks beautiful. Periodic grooming is actually important to maintaining good health as well. Here’s why.

Prevent Fleas and Ticks

Dirty, matted fur provides a perfect breeding ground for pests like fleas and ticks. These insect pests are a nuisance to dogs and their owners alike, and can carry dangerous diseases. The best way to prevent these kinds of insect parasites is to have a dog professionally groomed on a regular basis and ensure that he or she is washed using a specialized flea and tick shampoo.

Detect and Treat Skin Diseases

Many dogs suffer from allergies that can cause rashes, skin discoloration, or even bald spots. Others have sensitive skin that requires the use of specialty shampoos and soaps. Either way, allowing dead skin to build up and fur to become matted by failing to have a dog groomed regularly will only exacerbate the dog’s existing problems. Dry skin is itchy and uncomfortable for dogs, just like it is for people, and it is equally important to diagnose and treat this problem as well as any rashes or other skin diseases that may be present.

Avoid Nail Troubles

In addition to bathing, most dog grooming in Crofton also involves trimming the dog’s nails. This is essential to ensuring that their nails do not grow too long and end up getting pulled off or otherwise damaged. Trimming dogs’ nails is much harder than trimming people’s nails, as they have blood vessels growing directly into the nails. Only a professional should be entrusted with this task.

Need to find a local dog groomer who can offer bathing, nail cutting, teeth brushing, and more? Check out this local veterinary center and their grooming specialists. Owners can visit their website for more information or to get in contact to schedule an appointment.

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