Why Choose Wood Locker Room Benches?

If it’s time to remodel or upgrade your facility, you’ll need to think about benches for the locker rooms. Although a bench might not seem like much, it is an important part of any gym or athletic department. You can choose wood or metal for your locker room benches, and wood may be the best choice for several reasons.


When you choose the right kind of wood bench, it lasts for years. Hardwood strip construction is one of the best choices you can make. In fact, after you buy high-quality hardwood benches you may never need to buy benches again.


Most metal locker room benches are painted or powder coated. Paint eventually wears away, and you’ll need to repaint after a few years. Choose wood with more than one coat of lacquer, and you’ll never have to paint. Lacquer lasts for a long time, so you may never need to refinish.


Have you ever sat on a metal bench? Metal is hard and unforgiving, and your athletes should sit in comfort as they dress and get ready for the game. Students taking physical education classes are more comfortable, and this helps to improve performance in class.


Few things in life are as beautiful as natural wood. When compared to metal, there is no comparison when it comes to looks. If you want an impressive locker area, go with beautiful hardwood benches.


Do you want your students to feel comfortable and “at home”? If so, choose wood for your bench material. Wood has a calming effect on people and helps to relieve stress and anxiety. On the other hand, hard metal benches make you feel like you are in the cold and sterile environment of an institution. Wood locker room benches have a subtle positive effect on everyone who sits on them.

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