How Upgrading to Dyson Air Blade Hand Dryers Improves the Quality of Your Washroom

Many hotels, restaurants, spas and other public commercial environments are judged by the quality of the washroom. After installing Dyson Air blade hand dryers, you can be sure that your visitors will talk about the efficiency and cleanliness of your facilities and will be more likely to revisit when compared to building with old-fashioned and traditional bathroom facilities.

What Are the Advantages of Using the Dyson Model?

Visitors may complain to themselves or their friends that drying hands after using the facilities is a time-consuming and not necessarily hygienic pastime. By installing Dyson Blade hand dryers, it only takes 12 to 14 seconds to completely dry your hands.

As HEPA filters are standard within the Dyson units, these are the most hygienic facilities and equipment to use for drying hands within a bathroom facility.

The Dyson Air blade hand dryer, because of its quick drying facility, costs far less to run in comparison to most other electric hand dryers.

You will increase in your customers’ reviews of your establishment because you will be operating hand dryers that are better for the environment because of their low CO2 emissions. They also ensure a clean and tidy area within your washroom because there are no paper towels either in the unit that dispenses the paper or all over the floor where vandals have chosen to rearrange the towels.

The Dyson brand and name is regularly associated with the most technologically advanced equipment that is both efficient and effective, pleasing to the eye and completes the task better than most of its competitors if not all.

All models are relatively straightforward to install and should not present any difficulties to most maintenance teams and electrical installers.

Because a variety of models are available, you should seek the advice of your building contractor or provider of washroom equipment so you can seek the best of their knowledge and experience to decide which models work best within your environment.

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