The Importance of Partnering with American Contract Manufacturers

Most people understand that offshore outsourcing has some major benefits. For example, you can take advantage of cheap labor and not have to do the work yourself. However, sending your work to other countries has several disadvantages, but there is a solution. You can use contract manufacturers in the United States and here are some important reasons to outsource from your own country.

Problems with Offshore Outsourced Work

When you hire an offshore company, you eliminate jobs in the United States. This is fine if employment rates are low but millions of people in this country need jobs today. In fact, the need is dire in some of the largest cities in America.

Lower Wages

Americans cannot afford to work for a few dollars per hour and still take care of their families. Third world countries have a competitive advantage because the standards of living are considerably lower than the United States. Hiring foreign contract manufactures helps to lower wages in this country because fewer jobs are available. About one-fourth of the US population is making less than ten dollars per hour and living in poverty.

Issues with Quality

Some overseas companies have inferior equipment and machines. Also, they may not give their employees the right kind of training. Foreign companies may create products which look like American made products, but the quality often suffers. If you sell a poor quality product it is a direct reflection on your reputation.

American Contract Manufacturers

When you outsource services to a US company, jobs stay in the United States. This helps to stimulate the US economy. Also, once you find a trusted company for your work, you get quality services and products when you need them. Everyone in the US wins when you go with reputable American contract manufacturers to supplement your products or services.

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