Selecting The Optimal CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

CNC technology is a common presence in many fabrication shops. This technological invasion embraces many different types of equipment including welding and machining. While not found in all fabrication and metalworking shops, CNC plasma cutting machinery is gaining wider acceptance. If you have a small shop in Cleveland, you might be considering making a move in this direction. If this is the case, it is essential you consider specific variable before making the decision on what type of CNC plasma cutter to install.

Consider the Variables

Purchasing a CNC plasma cutter is not something a fabrication shop should consider lightly. Such machines tend to be expensive. It requires careful consideration of a variety of factors or variable before making any sort of decision. By doing due diligence, you reduce the risk of purchasing a machine that turns out to be a costly error.

When looking at the available CNC plasma cutting equipment, examine closely a number of variables. Consider the following:

* Construction: Is the cutter composed of aluminum or steel?

* Cut capacity: Be sure to look at the specific material and material thickness

* Cut quality: Fabricators need a machine that delivers smooth, clean cuts as well as a much narrower kerf (cut width) therefore reducing waste while improving preciseness

* Reliability

* Ease of use: This allows an operator to complete a job faster and more efficiently

* Hand and/or table

* CNC interface and software: Is AutoCAD the better option?

* Dust containment, e.g., downdraft, water table

* Operating cost: Longer plasma consumable life reduces downtime for change-outs. It also and reduces how much you pay for new plasma consumables

* Warranty: How long and what does it cover?

CNC Plasma Cutting

CNC plasma cutting equipment is expensive. A small Cleveland fabrication shop can avoid buyer remorse issues by carefully researching the available systems beforehand. It will help reduce the risk of making a costly error.

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