Why Outsource Laser Cutting in Auburn, WA?

In many cases, it is easier and more cost-effective to have a separate company provide Laser Cutting in Auburn, WA for special projects, occasional needs, or even ongoing services. A laser cutting machine is the fastest and most accurate, way to cut a variety of materials. It is also the most complex and expensive cutting machine available on the market today.


Laser cutters are the top-of-the-line machinery for cutting. They are precise, powerful, and create clean edges on the final piece. Operating costs are high to sustain a laser. The high cost often makes it impractical to add to a factory or repair shop that does not need that level of cutting on a daily basis.

Another cost associated with Laser Cutting in Auburn, WA is the training of machine operators. The complexity of the machinery requires special training for safe operation. That amount of time and expense is not worth it to business owners who can simply outsource the task to an experienced company such as Specialty Metals.


This machine gets hot while cutting and emits fumes. That means it has to be kept away from other machinery, supplies, and people. A corridor around the machine is needed. Space also has to be properly ventilated to ensure the area does not become toxic. A small-to-medium-size factory is not capable of safely housing such a machine.

Repair shops, metal work companies, and heating and cooling companies rely on outsourcing to supplement on-site abilities, have a limited number of a part made, or to get help troubleshooting a problem. Re-routing a section of a heating duct system, for example, may require a piece with precision holes cut for connection purposes.

Other Cutting Technology

Water jet and plasma cutting services are also available, as is a metal fabrication. Having cut-out parts delivered to an assembly line, provided for technical components, and ready for additional processes will save businesses time, space, and money. Outsourcing material cutting is ideal for seasonal items, special edition designs, and parts that have to be precise to be used with other components. Owners can to discover all services offered.

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