Dusk To Dawn Lights And Safe Workplaces

While security lights are popular on residential properties, they are also a very good investment for a commercial property owner. With the use of dusk to dawn lights rather than standard manually operated security lighting options, there is an increased energy saving to consider as well as an increased safety potential.

Energy Savings

A big issue with traditional types of security lights that are manually turned on or off or that are controlled by pre-set timers is the issue with variations in daylight. With the sensors designed into the dusk to dawn lights, it is not the specific time or someone flipping a switch that turns the light on; it is the lack of natural light that triggers the lights to go on.

Additionally, it is the presence of a specific level of natural light that will trigger the lights to turn on again. For commercial buildings that may not be open during the weekends or on holidays, the automatic sensors will help to make operating the lights more cost-effective and environmentally friendly as they are only on as needed.

Greater Safety

The presence of dusk to dawn lights will keep the exterior of a commercial building, walkways, parking areas and even loading docks well lit from the early evening to the morning hours. This can make these places less attractive as a target for criminals. Additional light provides increased safety for employees, visitors, and customers, particularly for businesses or workplaces with extended hours.

That additional illumination in those areas can help prevent common issues such as slips and falls and other types of liability issues for a company. Having a bright, well-lit place to walk can be instrumental in preventing personal injury claims, which is definitely a priority for any type of business.

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