4 Types of In-Home Care Services for Seniors

Staying in the home can be a very important goal for senior family members. Even if you–as a relative– are doing all you can to help them, the truth is that you probably don’t have the time or the necessary skills to be a constant caregiver. No matter what kind of in-home care your loved one may need, you should know about some of the services available to you and your family.


If Medicare isn’t an option for you, you might want to consider in-home nursing care. While a primary physician is still required, having a skilled nurse for routine treatment is perfect for those preferring to live in their own homes. Nursing services could include medicine injections, equipment assistance, dressing and care of wounds, catheter care and other various tasks.


Remembering to take daily medication is extremely important, especially when dealing with certain conditions. For some people, the amount of pills to be taken is quite extensive. Caregiver services also include medication management, so you can be assured your relative is having their needs covered everyday on schedule. A registered nurse will work with doctors to determine a dosage plan, and come to the home directly to measure the quantities. Depending on the health and needs of the patient, frequency of visits could vary.


Sometimes, care may only be needed temporarily after a medical procedure. Rehab services can cut down the stress of trying to manage a relative’s care while they heal. Experienced caregivers have the knowledge and training to perform necessary duties; therefore, you will be free to offer your emotional support. An excellent rehab experience can also prevent issues relating to the procedure that may have otherwise been unknowingly neglected. A personalized treatment plan will ensure your relative returns to their normal energy level.


Caregiver services aren’t just about maintaining physical health. Your loved one may simply need someone to talk to when you and others can’t be around. Companion care is a great solution toward staying active while building relationships with friendly professionals. Even mundane chores and errands can be a lot more enjoyable when shared with a partner. Your family member could benefit greatly from companionship especially if they struggle with loneliness during the daytime.

If you’re seeking home care services, you should determine which type of service makes the most sense for your situation. Assess your options and discuss them with your loved one, and take the necessary steps toward getting them the care they deserve in the convenience of their home today by contacting Capital City Nurses at 866-687-7307.

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