Signs That Your Loved One May Need In-Home Care Assistance

It can be difficult to admit that someone you love is no longer able to care for themselves. It can be even more difficult trying to provide the care they need, on your own. The good news is, there is another solution: home care assistance. If you are unsure whether or not your loved one requires in-home assistance, consider the signs that may indicate they do.

Injuries or Falls

If your loved one falls frequently, it may be an indication that they have diminished motor skills, have trouble balancing or walking by themselves, or they are suffering from nausea or vertigo. By hiring home care assistance, you would have someone with the person at all times to provide mobility support and to help monitor other symptoms to help and reduce the risk of a fall.

Increased Forgetfulness

Is your loved one constantly looking for something or having issues remembering their appointments? While a natural part of aging is getting more forgetful, this could also be an indication of Alzheimer’s disease. If your elderly loved’s forgetfulness one has begun to concern you, then it might be a good idea to start looking into home care assistance.

Poor Hygiene

You may notice that your elderly loved one is no longer taking care of their personal needs like they used to. This may be shown in your mom no longer putting on makeup or your dad not brushing his teeth. In some cases, poor hygiene results from mild cognitive impairments, or challenges with coordination and mobility. These are issues that a home care provider can help with.

If you are concerned about your elderly loved one, then home care assistance may be a smart solution. Visit the Capital City Nurses website to learn more about this service and whether or not it is the right option for you. You can also like their Facebook page for more information.

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